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The game is over.

The last few years this homepage was barely touched. You may wonder, what happened since then?
Eerievale is not done. The game is far from being finished.
It’s often been on my mind and not always in a good way.
It’s like a dark shadow that looms over you. A memory that haunts you.
Every once and again I walk the deserted streets of the town and hear whispering, not quite like the wind. It’s quiet everywhere, so I sit down to write. In those moments I feel like I’m doing justice to the Eerievale heritage. It’s a story and wants to be told. I can do that.
In fact I already did in different form several times. Retelling a story I already told before is difficult for me. The Eerievale of today is not that of the past. My writing has evolved and so has the story. Still it’s not ready, but one day it will be.
It’s not a promise, but it will happen naturally. Stories want to be told.
They are like ghosts, who linger and want to be noticed.

Games are different.
I started this project when I was a kid and learned the craft of making games one step at a time. I made different games in the past. I worked as a lead game designer and programmer in the game industry for a while, which almost extinguished the last bit of passion I had for games. It’s coming back, I enjoy playing again, but the games industry is not a place for me. As I write this the team I worked with at a local game studio, who were great friends, left the industry for similar reasons. I wish them all the best.
I don’t know why making games is so different from other media. Maybe because the people with money in their hands have trouble trusting the creative people who actually want to make the best game they can? Maybe because time and money is always more important to a commercial product than making a good product? Anyway.

Today I know it’s well possible to have skills to do something, but still you can never get it done, because it’s not a job to be done alone. Some projects are too big, that’s why games are made by teams. There are many reasons this game wasn’t meant to be and I could write many blog articles explaining. On this project I was alone most of the time and of all the years there were only a few really active promising times when I thought I could turn things around. That was in the very beginning in 2003, when I didn’t know what was possible and what wasn’t. That was in 2005, when more possibilities opened. The game became multiplatform. That was in 2010, when the project became a team project for a few months and I asked the community for help. That was before Kickstarter became a thing, but it also made things clearer to me. I never wanted to go crowd funding. I supported a bunch of games on Kickstarter. A few were amazing like Broken Age. Others were very promising but didn’t get made at all. Like 7th Guest 3.
In other cases I regretted the level I backed, because the games turned out to be lower in quality that I anticipated.
I too started to compromise, thinking I could somehow capture the essence of what I wanted the Eerievale game to be and make a smaller piece of it, an artifact a little rough around the edges, but still beautiful for the tale it tells. That may exactly be the mistake those teams made. I don’t want this to happen with one of my projects.
I can not build the Eerievale game alone. Not in my spare time and not at the quality I would want. It literally would take forever.

Thank you very much for sticking around this long. Today I’m putting one ghost to rest in peace. The game is over.

What remains is always the story.

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From now on the Eerievale homepage can be found at
Update your bookmarks! :-)

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Neue Adresse

In Zukunft wird die Eerievale Website unter zu finden sein.
Also aktualisiert eure Bookmarks. :-)

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The 7th Guest 3: The Collector on Kickstarter

As you may have heard, the 7th Guest 3: The Collector is on Kickstarter. There are twenty days left to make this amazing project happen.
I used this blog to point you towards the early titles of the Kickstarter Adventure revival and haven’t done since. There are some really great projects, but this is of course no promotion platform.

Still I want to point you to the 7th Guest 3. As you may know the original 7th Guest is a title that had a big influence on me when I grew up. I loved that game. I also loved the 11th Hour, which had some improvements in terms of gameplay, that I found refreshing.

The main reason for mentioning T7G3 however is, that the game was a big inspiration for my original Eerievale concept. A concept I came back to earlier this year. I’m talking about the first person horror game, that started it all. While I do not rely on full motion video or life action actors and I prefer different kind of puzzles, the basic formular of suspense is similar.
You are in an abandoned house. In the middle of the night.
You can not get out. Unless… you play the game and face your demons.

Now that is a game Uncle Henry would enjoy. So while you wait, follow the link and help make the 7th guest trilogy complete.

The 7th Guest 3 on Kickstarter